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Frederick Association of School Support Employees

2017-18 FASSE Election Results

Click Here to view the full breakdown of the 2017-18 FASSE Election Results.

Congratulations to:

(Term Effective July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2021)

  • President – Norma Davis
  • Secretary – Lois Strickland

Board of Directors (Term Effective July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2020)

  • Food Service – Darlene Adkins
  • Maintenance/Facilities – Allen Hudson
  • Technology – W. Gail Guyer
  • Director-at-Large – Casey Rudzinski
  • Operations – Jody Harshman**
  • Secretarial – Gail Albright**

NEA RA Delegate *

Ronnie Beard, Jr.

Lisa L. Brashears

MSEA Convention Delegates *

Ronnie Beard, Jr.

Lois Strickland

Blaine Mossburg

Sendry Pittman

Norma Davis
Allen Hudson
Casey Rudzinski
Darlene Adkins
Patti Burdette
Patti Ledford
Sharon Eburg
Vicktor Kraenbring
Amy Tucker
Bruce Taylor
Chris Flanagan
Chris Holcomb
Christopher Flanagan
Gail Guyer
Jenny Ribecca
Jody Harshman
Karen Miller
Kathlyn Stevenson
Kim Martin
Leeanne Guessford
Lisa Brashears
Lisa L Brashears
Lisa L. Brashears
Paul Geurin
Sharon Botkin
Tiffany Ledyard
Victor Reyes

NEA ESP Conference Participant(s)*

Ronnie Beard, Jr.

Lois Strickland

Sendry Pittman



*Subject to Board Approval

**1 Year Term ending June 30, 2019

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